Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue
Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue

Shabbat Services for our Youth, Children and Toddlers

Shabbat Services for our Youth, Children and Toddlers
Toddlers Service Toddlers service - up to and including reception.

"We light the Shabbat candles, the Challah's on the plate. Make Kiddush,and stay up LATE!", our littlest members shriek with delight, hoping you can hear us in the main shul.

The Toddler Service is a warm, welcoming sing-song forour tiny tots from birth up to the end of reception year at school.

We say hello, sing Shabbat Shalom (or Chag Sameach) to each of the children and invite all to tell us about their own Jewish experiences from home.

Around our cosy circle, we sing about the family traditions of Shabbat and festivals to familiar tunes, as we act out what happens at home and in shul: making a giant pot of chicken soup from everyone's favourite foods, saying bedtime Shema with our cuddly stars as we go to sleep and Modeh Ani with the 'Shabbat Bunnies' when we wake up.

We bless the boys and the girls. We jump up and down and off our chairs to show 'Hashem is here, there and everywhere' and every child is given their very own call-up to bounce/crawl/dance/run around with our cuddly Torah!

Exhausted yet? We might briefly discuss the weekly Torah portion or an upcoming festival, or sit down quietly for a picture book story. For some fun, we might practice our Hebrew with the 'Shabbat/YomTov feeling' song.

Let us know when it's your child's birthday so that we can include it in the celebrations.

After joining together in a circle for Adon Olam, we meet up with our older brothers and sisters in the delicious children's service kiddush.

As Rosh Hashanah approaches we hope to raise the roof with our paper shofars, and apple/honey quiz.

We are very proud of the five year olds moving up to the older children's service in our graduation ceremony this summer.

Many thanks to all the parents on our rota team who lead the service bringing their own unique contribution.

Bring your little ones along, they will love it. We hope to see you there soon.

Childrens Service Children's service - years 1-3

The Children's service is led by Rabbi Zeidman who is a professional educator working at Gift.

This service is a MUST for those children who want to learn and experience a Shabbat morning service in a fun and interactive environment.

Rabbi Zeidman's unique approach engages all the children (and adults!!).


Inters Service Inters service - years 4-7

The Inters service aims to provide a fun, interactive Shabbat morning experience.

Led by one of our Youth Leaders, this service has been designed as a stepping stone from the children's to youth service.

The children learn and become familiar with the traditional Shabbat morning service.

Accompanied by all their favourite tunes, sweets, and a quiz based on the Parsha, everybody who comes to the Intermediates' Service has only good things to say about it.

Oh, and of course there is a great Kiddush afterwards too.

Yout Service Youth service - year 8 upwards

The youth service is a vibrant, lively and friendly service full of different tunes.

The moment you step foot into the room, you are welcomed and looked after.

One can take part in the service by any means, whether that is by leading the service, leining from the Torah, sharing words of wisdom, setting up the kiddush or even just being a core member of the youth service.

Once a month we have a special kiddush ranging from waffles to schwarma to who knows what, all suggestions are welcome.

From time to time we have a youth breakfast and discussion.

Come down and try it out - we look forward to seeing you!!