Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue
Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue

The Women's Learning Experience at Stanmore

Womens Learning Experience

February 1993 saw a revolution in a meaningful, yet orthodox, spiritual experience for Stanmore women when they started The Women's Tephillah Group Service.

It was the first group of United Synagogue Women to create such a gathering on Shabbat and only recently has another women’s prayer group within the US Family started in Muswell Hill.

The first service was held at the home of a founding member Celia Levy z'l and continued to meet once every few months for 18 years in the beginning at members' homes, eventually moving to a local care home.

This has opened up many opportunities for women to lead services, lein from a chumash, and read the haphtarah as well as specially adapted prayers for loved ones on a yahrzeit or for those who are unwell.

For each service we invite a guest speaker to give a d'var torah.

WLE is always looking for new members of all ages who would like to take part in the services, or just come and enjoy a Shabbat morning service.

All women and girls are welcome, whatever their knowledge or level of observance. There are also opportunities on offer for women and girls to learn to lein or take services.

The Women's Tephillah Group became The Women's Learning Experience when it was permitted to meet on shul premises and services are now held on a Shabbat morning four times a year in the Beit Mordechai Beit Hamidrash on the ground floor at Stanmore Shul.

This has meant that the participants can join their families in the Freeman Susman Hall for kiddush after their service.