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Website Terms and Conditions

Website Terms and Conditions
Terms & Conditions for use of the Stanmore and Canons Park United Synagogue (SACPS) Website

The Stanmore and Canons Park United Synagogue website (this 'Website') serves the Stanmore and Canons Park Jewish community and provides detailed information about every aspect of Jewish life in Stanmore.

You can visit this Website without revealing any information about yourself and this Website is not used to collect information from those accessing it. We do not collect any personal data from you on visiting this Website.

Data Privacy

For the purpose of the UK Data Protection Act 1998, the 'Data Controller' for the processing of any data on the Website is Stanmore and Canons Park United Synagogue, and the point of contact for data subject access requests is The Synagogue Administrator.

Stanmore and Canons Park United Synagogue is also Data Controller in respect of any personal data served as content by the Website.

When you submit personal data in connection with a booking for an event, payment or a donation, that personal data is used only in connection with the purpose for which it is submitted, is not processed for any other purpose and is not stored or retained, other than as reasonably required in connection with such purpose.

Copyright and Disclaimer

All material contained on the Website is protected by UK and international copyright laws.

Consent has been obtained from the copyright owner to its use on the Website. Such material should not be used for any other purpose.

If you submit any material or information (including photos) for use on the Website, your submission of the material for this purpose is deemed to be consent to the use of that material on the Website and you represent and warrant on such submission to have full authority and that you have obtained all necessary consents from persons whose personal data is contained in or disclosed by such submission.

Terms of Access

Access to the Website is subject to your agreement to the following:

  1. The Website is designed for information purposes only.
  2. Users must not reproduce, download, store in any medium, distribute, transmit or retransmit or manipulate any text or other material without written permission which must be obtained in advance from The Synagogue Administrator.
  3. All brand names publishing activities and trade marks used on this Website are the trade marks, service marks or trade names of their respective holders.
  4. Stanmore and Canons Park United Synagogue makes no warranties or representations about the accuracy of any information on this Website or any other website to which it may be linked.
  5. The information contained in these pages is for general information only and the Stanmore and Canons Park United Synagogue shall not be liable for the accuracy, quality or completeness of any information contained in this Website or for the views expressed in any website to which it may be linked.
  6. English law governs all matters between us in relation to this Website and all claims or disputes arising out of or in connection with this Website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
  7. No photographs or other material on this Website may be copied, reproduced or transmitted for any purpose whatsoever without prior permission which must be obtained in writing from The Synagogue Administrator.

Text in this Website is copyright © Stanmore and Canons Park United Synagogue.