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Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering Roles

Below is an A to Z of all the different ways that our volunteers help. Please forgive us if you have a role that we have missed off this list.

We really appreciate what you do - please let us know so that you can be added.

Extra help with any of these roles is always welcomed.

  • Anim Zemirot Rota
    A rota of boys to lead Anim Zemirot in the services.
  • Archives
    Compiling and preserving archives of the Shul and community.
  • Baby Blessing
    Organises our annual baby blessing ceremony for babies in the community held in Shul on Succot.
  • Beavers, Cubs and Scouts
    The Scout Association provides skill development for young people. Meets weekly.
  • Bnei Akiva
    The largest Jewish youth movement in the UK, runs weekly activities, camps, tours and gap years in Israel, and more. Many of our talented young members are leaders and run events here at Shul.
  • Board of Deputies representatives
  • Board of Management of the Shul
  • Catering
    Arranges all catering requirements and logistics for all events during the year – ordering, budgeting, staffing, liaison with caterers, etc.
  • Challah with Love
    Arranges a rota of women to buy and deliver Challot on behalf of the Shul to members who have just had a baby or have suffered a bereavement.
  • Choir
    Male choir to accompany the services on special occasions.
  • Communications
    Oversees public communication to do with the Shul, including publicity, newsletters and publications.
  • Community Care
    Dedicated team of volunteers offering care to those members in most need, including bereavement support, driving to appointments, shopping, hospital visiting and befriending. Our professionally trained volunteers are always available with advice and practical help. This service is free and totally confidential.
  • CRP points for schools
    Coordinates the collection of CRP points required for Jewish school applications.
  • Eruv
    Oversees the weekly checking of the eruv, employing shomrim, fundraising and on-going issues.
  • Events
    Assisting the community department in the execution of events and also plans additional social and fundraising events for the community.
  • Friendship Club
    Meets weekly for social activities.
  • Fundraising
    Works to raise funds for the shul either for particular projects or on an as-and-when basis.
  • Gemilut Chesed
    Raising and distribution of funds for any needy members of our community.
  • Habimah
    Compiles and publishes Habimah – the twice yearly magazine for Shul members.
  • Harrow Council Liaison
    Liaises with Harrow Council regarding information and events.
  • Israel
    Brings issues of interest regarding Israel to the community such as information, guest speakers and debates.
  • JACS
    Cultural society for over 60s, organising speakers, entertainers and excursions.
  • Kiddush: main Shul/children's service
    Weekly rota of volunteers that prepare and set-out the food and drink for the Shabbat kiddushim.
  • L'chaim fund
    Manages a fund that supports the cost of kiddushim when there is no sponsor.
  • League of Jewish Women
    A vibrant group of women, holding monthly meetings with interesting speakers and embarks on many important fundraising and volunteering projects for a variety of charitable causes.
  • Leining
    A rota of men to lein in the services.
  • Magic Moments
    Organises hosting Israeli Teenagers in our community once a year via the UJIA Magic Moments project, including a Yom Hazikaron ceremony and Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration.
  • Mitzvah Day
    Coordinates the events and activities for Mitzvah day each year.
  • New Members
    Ensures new members are warmly welcomed into the shul and arranges introduction events.
  • Office Admin volunteers
    Assist the office in their administrative tasks such as phone-rounds and mailings.
  • Pastoral
    All the men and women of our Chevra Kadisha, working with the Rabbonim to support families who have suffered a bereavement.
  • Photography and Video
    Photography and Video for publicity and events.
  • Plaques
    Administration of plaques around the Shul.
  • Property and Procurement
    Oversees new building projects and on-going premises work.
  • Publicity
    Oversees publicity to the press.
  • Publishing
    Production of the Shabbat Companion and Yom Tov Companion publications.
  • Public Affairs Committee
    Bringing issues of interest & current affairs to the community and promoting interfaith dialogue & understanding via information, guest speakers, debates and events.
  • Rainbows, Brownies & Guides
    Charity for UK girls/young women, providing life skills and volunteering opportunities. Meets weekly.
  • Repairs and Maintenance
    Oversees and/or carries out repairs and maintenance of the Shul’s facilities, including sewing and repairs to Torah covers etc.
  • Security
    Oversees all aspects of maintaining the security of the shul, from employing professional guards when necessary, co-ordinating volunteers to do security to premises security issues.
    A team of dedicated CST trained members regularly lead or assist on the rota to stand guard on Shabbat and Yom Tov and many other dedicated members take turns to support them.
  • Seniors
    Provides social and educational opportunities for our senior members and works with Stanmore Community Care to provide for the needs of older members.
  • Services
    Our wardens are supported by many gabboyim in running the services in the Main Shul on Shabbat and Yom Tov. We also have other dedicated organisers and gabboyim to provide our daily services, Limmud Service (monthly), Sephardi Service (monthly) and Women’s Learning Experience (quarterly) in the Beit Mordechai.
  • Shabbat UK
    Coordinates the events and activities for Shabbat UK each year
  • Shammas and Steward Rota
    A rota of men and women who welcome visitors and assist in the smooth running of the Shabbat morning service.
  • Shiva Rota
    Arranges a schedule for people to lead shivas, ensures shiva chairs and books are available etc.
  • Silver polishing
    Dedicated volunteers who regularly come in to polish all the silver.
  • Sifrei Torah rolling
    Dedicated volunteers who regularly come in to roll the Torah scrolls to the required places ready for services.
  • Sukkah building
    A team of volunteers who assemble and decorate the sukkah each year
  • Toddlers Service
    Organises the services for Shabbat and Yom Tov, coordinating a rota of volunteer parents to lead the service.
  • United Synagogue Council representatives
  • Volunteers Committee
    Assists communication between the Shul and its wonderful volunteers, offering support, running events to show appreciation, raising awareness of these essential roles and hopefully inspire others to step forward.
  • Website
    Development and maintenance of the Shul website (
  • Welome desk
    Rota of people greeting and assisting visitors to the Shul on Shabbat morings.
  • WIZO
    Stanmore branch of the international women's movement, raising funds to support vital social welfare and educational projects in Israel and campaigns for the advancement of women in society and human rights issues.
  • Yamim Noraim
    Coordinates all the logistics and services in Bernays, Freeman Susman Hall and the Marquee over the Yamim Noraim.
  • Young Professionals
    Assisting young Jewish professionals in Stanmore to socialise, network, participate in, or lead on, a variety of programmes and events.
  • Youth & Children
    Covering all aspects of children and youth activities and services, from tots through to 18 years old, this committee organises events for all age groups throughout the year, including special activities for the festivals through to age appropriate social gatherings and outings and liaising with Rabbonim and service leaders.

Help Wanted!

Here are a few specific areas where help has been requested.

Please contact the Shul office on 020 8954 2210 or at [] if you are interested.

  • Community Care
    We are always looking for new volunteers if you have any spare time.
  • Kiddush main Shul
    To join the rota to once every few weeks, arrive at 10:00am for about 45 minutes to help prepare the Kiddush.
  • Kiddush Children's Service
    To join the rota to once every few weeks, arrive at 10:30am for about 20 minutes to help prepare the Kiddush.
  • Photography
    Professional or talented amateur photographers wanted to cover shul events to be used for our media.
  • Security Rota Administration
    Assistant required to help administer the rota allocations each week.
    All able members needed (CST trained or not) to join the rota of security volunteers on Shabbat and Festivals. Untrained and CST Level 1 volunteers will be required to stand on duty for 1 hour approximately every 2-3 months.
    CST Level 2 trained volunteers required for 2 hour slots slightly more often due to fewer numbers.
  • Toddlers Service
    To join the rota of service leaders.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers past, present and future!

Produced & published by the Volunteers Committee - December 2017