Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue
Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue

Synagogue Etiquette

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The Board has agreed that sweets may be thrown at Barmitzvahs.

The Wardens provide individually wrapped kosher sweets and no additional ones should be brought along.

For details please consult the Shul office on: 020 8954 2210.


Male congregants are reminded that the Mehitza to separate men and women is in place at the back of the Shul downstairs through the left doors from the foyer.

They are therefore repectfully asked NOT to occupy the seats behind the Mehitza as they are reserved for the use of women for all services except on Yomin Noraim.

There is space for 2 ladies in wheelchairs behind the mechitza.


There is a lift adjacent to the Freeman Susman Hall staircase.

It will work in normal mode on Sunday and weekdays.

On Shabbat and Yom Tov the lift will operate on automatic shabbat mode.

However please note:

  • The lift is ONLY for the use of disabled people and the elderly - and must only be used by those who are unable to walk up the stairs.
  • The maximum capacity is two people (including one wheelchair, if required) at any one time.
  • When in automatic mode the lift must be allowed to operate without assistance - the door will open and close very slowly and must not be pushed or pulled as this will damage the mechanism.
  • When in normal mode on weekdays - passengers inside the lift - whether ascending or descending - must continue to press the button or the lift will stop.
  • Additional message to adults: It is your responsibility to ensure your children do not play with the lift. Incorrect use will cause damage which is costly to repair and disabled people will be unable to have access to the hall for Kiddush.
Loop System

loop system The Shul loop system for the hard of hearing is in use.