Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue
Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue

Sephardi Service

Sephardi Service

The first official Sephardi minyan took place Shabbat 30 October 2010 - Parshat Chaye Sarah.

Between 40 and 50 congregants assembled in the Boardroom at 9:00am for what was a stirring service. The service concluded at 11:45pm. The congregation consisted of between 70 to 80% Sephardim and the balance of curious and enthusiastically engaged Ashkenazi members.

This mixed make up truly enhanced the ruach of the congregation.

The Stanmore Sephardi Minyan is now entering its 4th year and remains a strong and diverse feature in our Kehillah.

Each week we are treated to inspirational words from Rav Mashiach Kelaty and from time to time Rabbis Lew, Bloom and Shaw have attended offering their own inspirational thoughts.

This year, following on from the success of last Yom Kippur when the Sephardi Minyan conducted its own service, we are delighted to be able to offer the Kehillah services on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur – this promises to be deeply uplifting and emotional.

All are welcome and it is hoped that members from any and all services in Shul or overflows will find time to join us in the davening.

For the dates of our regular services please see the Shul [calendar] and all are very welcome to attend.

Those wishing to share thoughts and reflections during the service are invited to contact Nissan Moradoff via the Shul Office.

The Sephardi Minyan meets regularly on the last Shabbat of every month – the service commences at 8:45am and we aim to conclude at 11:30-11:45am.

The Sephardi Minyan is now a regular feature celebrating the diverse and rich composition of our varied and interesting Kehillah.

Tuning for leining is in a traditional Sephardi style and the prayers too use the appropriate siddurim which have been kindly provided.

For the curious amongst you – there is in fact little real difference between the Ashkenazi and Sephardi services, but in terms of content there are interesting additions within the service - not to mention of course the sound of the service which is different in tone!

Those members of our great Kehillah at Stanmore and Canons Park who have sought to promote this occasional but frequent endeavour are grateful to the Honorary Executive for their ongoing support in this slowly growing venture – it dovetails with the spirit of the Limmud service and indeed members of the Sephardi minyan are encouraged to give a short devar torah during the course of the service.

The members of the Kehillah who wish to participate in this minyan, and all are welcome, are grateful to the Honorary Executive for the opportunity to do so.

Anyone wishing to read haftarah, should also please contact Nissan Moradoff.

Once again: Please take some time to join us – and tell all those who might be interested too!

If you would like regular updates - and to be reminded of the dates when the Sephardi Minyan meets - please contact the Shul Office on 020 8954 2210.