Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue
Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue

Limmud Service

Limmud Service

The Limmud Service is a well-established feature of Stanmore Shul.

We meet monthly, usually on the first Shabbat of the calendar month unless there is a special occasion when we have changed dates.

We have grown into one of the most popular events in the regular Stanmore calendar and we hold an intimate, friendly and slightly less formal, inspiring service that is held in the Beit Mordechai Beit Medrash.

'Limmud' as it is commonly known, offers congregants a full service away from the busy main shul with wonderful decorum which in turn invigorates the davening and leining, engaging all who attend.

Limmud offers a more 'pacey' service than is possible in the main shul and the programme is designed to include time for some really meaningful insights from Rabbi Lew in a more informal, interactive style on aspects of prayer and the Shabbat readings.

Usually we enjoy a D'var Torah by a congregant or special guest and we welcome volunteers to take on what all those who have delivered the short 10-minute davar describe as a highly educational and rewarding experience.

Without fail, those who attend enthusiastically comment on the warm atmosphere, great ruach and how much they enjoy the opportunity to participate and engage more or simply be 'closer to the action' than is otherwise usually possible.

So, if you feel you'd like to take the challenge of preparing a short D'var Torah, layening a bit of your Barmitzvah sedra, leading a section of the davening, or just sitting, engaging with the prayers and insights then the Limmud Service is for you.

We start at 9:00am and finish in time for Kiddush, but the time goes by so quickly as do seats, so don't come too late! Why not come join us for the next Limmud?

To check the dates of our next services please view the Shul [Calendar]