Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue
Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue

Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat Bamidbar
19 May 2018 - 05 Sivan 5778

Counting the Omer
Shabbat is forty nine days, which is seven weeks, of the Omer.
Shabbat times
» Shabbat begins at 8:36pm
» Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat at 7:30pm
service times
SHACHARIT - Main Shul at 9:00am » Sof Zman Kriyat Shema: 9:00am
» Youth Service at 9:50am
» Intermediate Service at 10:30am
» Children's Service at 10:40am
» Fireside Chat at 10:45am
» Toddlers' Service at 11:00am
  • MINCHA at 6:40pm
  • Erev Shavuot Seudah and community programme - please see [Shavuot 5778]
  • Shabbat Ends and Shavuot Begins at 9:51pm
Weekday Services
Date Event Shacharit Mincha Ma'ariv
Sunday 20 May Shavuot      
Monday 21 May Shavuot      
Tuesday 22 May 7:15am 7:30pm After Mincha
Wednesday 23 May 7:15am 7:30pm After Mincha
Thursday 24 May 7:00am 7:30pm After Mincha
Date Event Shacharit Shabbat Service
Friday 25 May 7:15am 8:46pm 7:30pm

For our Shavuot Programme & Services please download and print [Shavuot 5778]

Please help us to make a minyan for our midweek Mincha and Ma'ariv services.