Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue
Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue

Sponsor a Kiddush

Sponsor a Kiddush

Why not sponsor a kiddush?

Every Shabbat we have a Kiddush after the service in the Freeman Susman Hall.

This is often sponsored by families celebrating a simcha - a bar or bat mitzvah, an aufruf, an anniversary or engagement, the birth of a baby or any other wonderful event.

Sponsors are thanked in the weekly news sheet, on the website, and during the end of service announcements - and it is always greatly appreciated by the community.

The kiddush consists of:

  • biscuits
  • cake
  • dips
  • crackers
  • fish balls
  • herring
  • crisps
  • crudités
  • drinks, whiskey and wine

This is all ordered directly by the shul and sponsors are not required to do the shopping.

The kiddush tariff from 01 January 2015 is as follows:

  • For a single sponsor: £500
  • For 2 sponsors sharing: £350 each
  • For 3 or more sponsors: £300 each
  • Special birthdays or anniversaries: £300 maximum

Please complete all the form fields below - or contact Shelley in the Shul office on 020 8954 2210 to discuss sponsoring a kiddush.

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When there are no semachot, the L'Chaim Fund contributes towards a Kiddush for the community so that we can hold a kiddush every week. Members donate to the L'Chaim fund for this purpose.

Please contact Lewis Bloch at [] to make a donation the the L'Chaim fund - again, this is always greatly appreciated.